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I have the worst roommate, but the best neighbors

  • She judges people.
  • She follows me around.
  • She poops and doesn’t wash her hands.
  • She eats my food.
  • She talks to her computer.
  • She touches my shit. With the non-washed poop hands from earlier.
  • She doesn’t go anywhere.
  • She looks at me with disgust.
  • She sets her alarm every morning and proceeds to not get up.
  • She annoys my floormates.
  • She uses my stuff without permission.
  • She’s a slob.
  • She’s lazy.
  • She constantly talks about my weight.
  • She turns everything into a competition.
  • She never does her homework and then complains when it isn’t done.
  • She is always loud, even after I ask her to be quiet.
  • Her laugh drives me crazy.
  • She constantly sings, obnoxiously loud.
  • She has one key but so many keychains that I can hear her come from down the hall.
  • She thinks she’s ‘gangster’ even though she from the richest suburb of her state.

And I hate her.

  • They let me hide in their room.
  • They sneak me past her.
  • They don’t tell her about our plans.
  • They are super sweet.
  • They let me vent, even though I know deep down they wish I would just shut up.
  • They invite me their movie nights.
  • They understand what I am going through.
  • They are awesome.

I would die without them.

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