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You Mad?

So you’re mad that my little cousin texted you? Real fucking mature. You’re pissed off because some little girl was playing on my phone and just so happened to text you? Wow you are really fucking cool, so fucking cool. Just so you know, my family comes first. I don’t care who the hell you are, I will always, ALWAYS choose my family over you. I don’t care what the situation or if you’re the god damn president, I’m going to pick my family. You’re just a piece of shit who likes to brag and feel better about yourself by belittling everyone around. Well I’m not going to take it. You crossed the line when you fucking got pissed at a little girl. Excuse me for not having my phone glued to me 24 hours. SHE IS SIX! What possible fucking harm could she possibly have done? You fucking douche of an asshole. I just hope you realize what a fucking asshole you really are, I couldn’t see it before but not it’s as clear as day. I hope you rot in a hole somewhere.

Gosh that felt good :)

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